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How do you transfer movie film?

We use state-of-the-art, 1080p HD frame-by-frame scanning, specially made, indusrtrial telecine equipment and software. This depends on the format and if your media is sound or silent. Here's the breakdown:

  • super 8 silent film: 1080p frame-by-frame scanning.
  • super 8 magnetic (no optical) sound film: 1080p micro image telecine.
  • regular (standard) 8mm (silent only): 1080p micro image telecine.
  • 16mm (silent/magnetic and optical sound): 1080p micro image telecine.

How long does it take to transfer my movies, slides or audio formats?

Super 8 silent scanned film usually takes 7-10 days. If the order is small, 5-7 days. Some orders can be completed in 3 days. All films using our telecine method usually 5-7 days, again depending on the amount of transfers. All audio same, 5-7 days, some less time.

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