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We sell used audio, video and film equipment such as 16mm/super 8 film and video projectors, lenses and more. Rare & classic 16mm, super 8, 8mm films. Plus vintage audio cassettes, LPs and reel-to-reel tapes for sale.
Fast shipping with PayPal, check or money order. Please print invoice and indicate items if paying by mail. Personal checks up to 7 days to clear. Shipping varies depending on item.
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Below are audio/video, film and media for sale at a bargain price. If available on live eBay auction, bid away and save more!


16mm/super 8/8mm/video Projectors
Cameras/Lenses & Misc/Electronics For Sale


16mm/super 8/8mm Films
Audio Cassettes/LPs/Reel-to-Reel For Sale
super 8/8mm Projectors/Cameras For Sale
super 8/8mm/16mm Film Prints/Audio/Video
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