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Welcome to General Digital Media!

Your one-stop source for editing and transfers of super 8/regular 8mm/16mm film, video and audio transfers in all formats. Unbeatable prices, EZ and fast service. World-Class Results for You!

You need editing and digital transfers for your work. Welcome to GDM. Meeting the needs of people and businesses like you.

Got footage? We make it easy with Hollywood style editing and transfers.

We specialize in editing movies and transfers in all formats. Here at GDM, we produce, distribute and stream our movies. We own copyrights since 1981 and bring our respect for your films, videos 35mm slideshows and audio transfers to our work.

Choose the services  you need, pay with PayPal or include check or money order. Send your media with order form. Prompt turnaround service with transfers and editing. Plus you can add a BASIC or COMPLETE PRODUCTION Editing service to your transfers. Free DVD-R/CD media with every order. YES! Free music with all silent film transfers. Free sound film transfers. Free splice repairs. All on custom printed DVD-Rs plus second free backup copy in a double DVD case with custom sleeve, or transfer to one Blu-ray disc. Reel-to-Reel, Cassette audio transfers to mp3 custom printed CDs.

GDM Editing and Transfers. Providing quality, prompt work you can rely on.

Prompt service and shipping for all customers world-wide.

Choice of two DVD-Rs or one Blu-ray disc with each order.

Whether you are a home movie maker or pro filmmaker, we can provide you with quality editing and frame-by frame, scanned film transfers in HD 1080p at lower prices.

We transfer BOTH 16mm MAGNETIC sound, as well as optical soundtracks. No one else can match that because they do not have the equipment! We also transfer super 8 magnetic sound or silent.

Need only our editing service? Send your movies or slides for slideshows to us today! Simply choose BASIC or COMPLETE PRODUCTION Hollywood style editing. We strive for quality and prompt service every time!

Searching for rare, hard-to-find film and video equipment, super 8/16mm film prints and more?...

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To provide all of our customers with quick & easy, quality services they need--at unbeatable prices! Here at GDM, we edit and distribute our own media productions and bring the same quality attention to you!

Transfer your films, videos, 35mm slides and audio reel-to-reel, cassettes today. We provide a faster and better service! You get QUICKER SERVICE: As little as 5-7 business days/LOWER PRICES/FREE MEDIA, SPLICE REPAIRS, COLOR CORRECTION AND IMAGE SHARPENING. TRUST GDM FOR COMPLETE, QUALITY WORK BY ARTISTS WHO HAVE CREATIVE VISION AND CARE. NOT SOME EMPLOYEE OF A PHARMACY OR TRANSFER BUSINESS!
State-of-the-art software and artistic application. We don't just transfer, we digitize them and correct the flaws.

What we do?

Over time, all film prints, slides, magnetic tape and more degrade. Trust GDM to preserve your memories now while you can.

Editing Service
Transfer Service
A/V Equipment and Media

Fast and Easy by mail service and turnaround make GDM a great choice. We have over 40 years experience with film and video. Plus graphic design and illustration background makes us artists that will do it right the first time.
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GDM Services:

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GDM EDITING: We will edit your movies "Hollywood style" at unbeatable prices.
GDM A/V Transfers: Home movie and audio transfers in all formats.
A/V Equipment-Films-Videos: Rare super 8/8mm/16mm/VHS tapes and DVDs for sale.
Flixvendor.com: Watch free, own and rent flix now at www.Flixvendor.com!
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