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We will transfer and edit your 16mm & 8mm films, video tapes, 35mm slides to slideshows, cassettes & reel-to-reel tapes to custom printed DVD-Rs and CDs in double-DVD cases with inserts at unbeatable prices. Or choose film, video and 35mm slideshows transferred to one Blu-ray disc.
Convenient USPS by-mail service with fast turnaround. Watch free on Vimeo and YouTube for 10 days your videos, 16mm/8mm movies & 35mm slideshows on the world-wide web with your own personal links emailed to you upon completion!
Our digital transfers include at no additional, hidden cost: color correction, image sharpening plus speed correction, free splice repairs with 16mm/super 8/regular (standard) 8mm film. Sound 16mm/super 8 film transfers are at NO addtional cost!
Choose your format below. Calculate your footage, 35mm slides, video and audio formats, pay with PayPal, check or money order. Ship your films, videos, reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes to our address below. It's that simple and the safest way to transfer your media!
Our optional editing service makes any home movie a stylish, "Hollywood style" show, preserved on DVD-Rs or Blu-ray disc to enjoy for years to come. Add our editing service and you, friends and family members will be impressed!
Preserve and make the most of those fragile films today with GDM!
Editing Service
Choose Basic or Complete Production following your transfers.
16mm/8mm/super 8 Film
16mm/8mm/super 8 films to DVD.
Video Tape
VHS/S-VHS/VHS-C/Video8/Hi8/D8/MiniDV to DVD.
35mm Slides
35mm slideshow on DVD.
Cassettes/Reel-to-Reel/LP Records Audio
Audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes & LP records to CD.
Questions? Email us today:

Ship to

General Digital Media

PO Box 530785

DeBary, FL 32753

*We recommend USPS Priority Mail rather than Media Mail. General Digital Media is not responsible for lost or damaged mail, therefore please package your media carefully. USPS supplies free Priority Mail boxes.

Fast by by mail turn-around service plus one FREE backup copy per order or one Blu-ray disc!

We offer excellent services:

  • GDM editing service on custom printed DVD-Rs, insert & double-dvd case or one Blu-ray disc
  • Free DVD-R backup copy or one Blu-ray disc
  • 16mm/super 8 sound transfers at no additional cost
  • 16mm/8mm/35mm/video/audio transfers
  • Free instant on-line viewing for family & friends on both Vimeo and YouTube
  • Easy & convenient by-mail service
  • Quality & unique service at unbeatable prices
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*Free Vimeo and YouTube streaming is for 10 days upon completion of transfers and editing. We will email your movie links as your media is being shipped.